business license decoration

  • to fill out the details; followed by the project can be used in three ways, namely B construction, including all the material, Part B construction, package materials, Party A shall provide materials, Party B, party a free package of all materials, adopt the way completely determined by Party A. Followed by the duration of the project, the final contract to write a clear cost. 2, the contract second wrote if implementation of the engineering supervision of the project owner and supervision company shall sign a "contract"

    project supervision, and the supervision engineer's name, unit, contact and supervision engineer duties notice to Party B. 3, the contract is the third construction drawings. The contract provides two ways, the first is to design and provide construction drawings. 4, the provisions of article fourth of the contract party a work, that is, you have to have the conditions of construction. 5, the provisions of the fifth Party B should do the work, that is to avoid barbaric decoration. 6, the sixth is engineering change. 7, the contract

    is the material supply seventh. First according to the contract provided by Party A, Party A shall inform Party B in materials to the construction site, mutual acceptance and handover procedures; second according to the contract materials provided by Party B, Party B shall notify Party A in materials to the construction site, mutual acceptance. In 8, the contract of the eighth rigid provisions of the delay solution. 9, the contract is the two sides agreed to the construction quality of the project in accordance with the

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