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  • environmental protection, kitchen spiritual space. Meida integrated environmental stove has a strong industry advantage. Shift + wall between the kitchen and living room between a Meida environmental protection kitchen cabinet disinfection cabinet + = + + drop type gas cooker hood + + + intelligent control system of stove top one meter a meter cabinet and kitchen and sitting room, broke through the limitations of traditional design range, multi station between kitchen appliances the clever combination, to have a

    kitchen Master convenient, clean, environmentally friendly kitchen environment. As the environmental protection kitchen industry pioneer and leading brand, Meida kitchen treats each of the products are taken clear attitude. Meida integrated environmental stove products, the use of deep wind suction side of the bottom row of work, the formation of fluid along the upper diaphragm pot, heat source, pollution sources and external isolation, the diaphragm is high temperature region filled with smoke and exhaust gas, by

    the fan stove cavity exhausted to the outside; the outer diaphragm is dry without heat and fume pollution of fresh air that is a good solution to the problem of hot kitchen. Meida integrated environmental stove products, using ultra low noise technology and mute duct design, noise is obviously reduced, completely solve the traditional kitchen oil lying, noise serious phenomenon, creating a clean, healthy and comfortable space in the kitchen. Low noise and strong fume removal function to reflect each other, to create a

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