international market analyst

  • (5) sentence fine () of 10 words less than, atmosphere is concise, novel and chic, connotation is rich, straightaway, remember easily, ad saying can add originality to explain (200 words less than) . (Work of 6) ad saying does not have wrongly written or mispronounced characters, reject low convention evil do, have transmission sex, buy inexpensive flooring for balcony artistic quality, Promethean, humanitarian sex;

    (Content of 7) ad saying accords with advertisement law to wait with word standard.Tang Ni expresses, demand of current log export is low fan, the value is inferior. And, international market analyst forecasts log market to be in 2018-19 year before, will last low fan. Southern pine makes an appointment with 14 thousand,wood hollow outdoor patio flooring with on the month keeps balance basically.

    11.17 total shipment make an appointment with 17 thousand. inspected the condition of forest land resource of hold of Gabon T.B.N.I company, lumber machines a factory to run a condition,eco vinyl fence materials cost with the management of T.B.N.I company the group runs way with respect to operation of Gabon forest land, the respect such as bilateral cooperative mode and direction had thorough communication.