rise after prices

  • Experience 2013 one of year violent rise after prices, what annatto furniture market is immersed in a year many is low fan, product slow-moving, slump in price. Annatto price began to pick up again 2016. The newest data that current and professional committee releases current association annatto shows Chinese lumber wood veranda pressure fence and wood, index of boom of market of countrywide annatto goods was in October 95, rise compared to the same period 5.9, already came true successive 3 months pick up posture.

    To the near future rise in price, chen Shufeng of youtube rice husk particle board machinery division of technology of an annatto house analyses Fosan Nanhai think, resource of annatto raw material is dried up, "Annatto has function of the appreciation that keep a cost and artistic appreciate value since furniture Cong Mingqing. Annatto grows periodic and endless, durable plastic decking in great britain chrysanthemum pear needs above 80 years, red sandalwood wood is as long as about a hundred on chiliad.

    Long-term and wanton fell trees, rosewood of the chrysanthemum pear that causes the market to be used at present, flocculus relies on to import supply only, and foreign producing area also outdoor stair tread covers mplements export ban to annatto raw material in succession, certainly will of domestic annatto raw material will be in short supply even more henceforth, content with rare for expensive. But also there is no lack of businessman hype is stranded with taking off. But also there is no lack of businessman hype is stranded with taking off.