these materials is the low maintenance

  • The biggest benefit of these materials is the low maintenance. Unlike wood, they do not require any type of staining, stripping, or painting. The process of making these is called compression molding. This helps to create a very natural looking wood grain that is anything but as susceptible to problems as wood is. The product is often available in various colors and styles. The most you will need to do with it is to wash it with a power washer every few years, depending on the location you live in. In other words, it looks great for years without you having to do much at all. Another key benefit of this product is that it will last. Unlike other wood structures, you do not have to worry about replacing this one. Most will come with at least a 20 year warranty, some longer. These warranties protect against splintering, splitting, termite damage and even rotting. The product that is going to last you 20 years and still look fabulous without any hard labor on your part is a big deal. That could be why so many people are turning to these products as their go-to decking solution.

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