the lumber of a crate

  • However, global crate was moved on transport costs July, all crate weigh all are in charge of by dock respect, not be patient of exceeds returning elephant to appear, the lumber of wood composites based on crosslinked polypropylene a crate bears the weight of quantity relatively before should little a few stere, make the lumber of every stere raised 30 yuan of cost.

    Besides, this year on September 21, so-called " uv protected fences composite history on most Yan Chao order sb to do sth within a certain time " " exceed restricted transport to be defeated by car travel highway to administer a regulation " apply formally, door of the Ministry of Communication is carried out to overweighted car new round " severe dozen " , make a lot of industries are relied on " overweighted " those who reduce cost go high adaptability to climate wooden plastic floor regulation is broken entirely.

    Producing manufacturer level, content shedding carries cost to rise brought influence, may bigger, more far-reaching also. Furniture produces business to express: Exceed order sb to do sth within a certain time to come on stage enhanced road transportation security, but brought greater cost pressure, the industrial catenary cost of low decks expansion coefficient whole industry appeared to written guarantee compose sex rises, the enterprise is forced to assuming the enormous pressure that cost rises.