antibacterial floor is implemented

  • Second, depending on the presence of antibacterial test report issued by national authorities cost for a decking per square metre . China union medical university professor Yang Zibin think: "at present many enterprises have declared products using nanometer materials, and when the material to achieve nanoscale particles, particularly strong penetrating power,

    can easily penetrate the cell membrane and blood-brain barrier (brain cell membrane barrier function of particles), into the cell, native tissue damage and the nucleus outdoor hardwood floor platform , which damage cells life or gene mutations." Nanoscale fungicide Yang Zibin, said professor in medicine is called "nonspecific fungicide",

    which means that it is the "winner-take-all" in damaged cells, in addition to bacterial cells, it can also freely enter human body cell. This is the so-called nanoparticles toxicity above ground pool wrap around decks . Many antibacterial floor is implemented through continuous release of nanoparticles kills germs efficacy.