wood commerce maintained

  • Up, the palm accuses upriver forest " the price counterpoises ",Want to promote a product quality, besides want " the collaboration that embrace a group " , accuse commanding elevation carbon crystal outdoor tile projects from the palm on fountainhead even.

    On September 13 - 14 days, on the lumber of the 6th world that holds in Wuhan and wood trade plenary meeting, current association points out Chinese lumber and wood before chief expert cheap composite boards for sale Zhu Guang, lumber of our country entrance was occupied 2015 than already was being amounted to 55% , as natural forest commodity material gray plastic outdoor flooring in Czech endures strike in the round carry out, henceforth period of time, lumber market of China will be given priority to with importing timber.

    Look from industry of global lumber market, although world economy is carried brace up lack of power, international trade drops continuously, but lumber and wood commerce maintained relatively exuberant growth momentum however. Go 10 years, chinese woodiness forest products imports amount to timber, already increased the 266 million wood flooring chicago stere 2015 from the 128 million stere 2006, the forehead of forest products foreign trade such as lumber raises the 137.8 billion dollar 2015 by the 50.7 billion dollar 2006.