Quality Problems of Backfill and Collapse in Foundation Pit and

  • contract. Room decoration content and requirements of the home renovation contract is one of the main content, if the terms are too general, often likely to cause building disputes. Therefore, the construction content should be specific, clear, in accordance with the room decoration, write clearly decoration content, the use of materials, specific construction requirements and contracts. 3, wages, payments and time statements. Regardless of contract, contract price.

    Wages should be clearly written, not vague. Contract prices include material costs, labor costs, management fees, design fees, garbage and other fees and taxes. Owners of the tax, which is the decoration of the special requirements of the industry. The payment method and duration of the project price shall be specified in the contract in order to avoid disputes. The commencement and completion dates are one of the basic elements of the contract. Contracts normally associated with the determination of liability for breach of contract should be stated in the contract and strictly adhered to.

    4, a detailed description of the contents of the material supply agreement. The supply of materials is an important issue in the quality of household finishes and works payments. Therefore, the contractor or the construction is not expected to be the name of the material, materials listed in detail, the contract annex to the brand, specifications, model, quality grade, quantity, unit price. The feed should be clearly labeled.

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