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  • shows that the geothermal floor of the moisture-proof performance is getting better. Fifth, the geothermal floor installation procedures - "three floor, seven installation", the laying of geothermal floor needs special attention to the laying of the right way to ensure that the geothermal floor temperature in the case of repeated changes in the safe use. Solid wood flooring to dry What are the benefits? Solid wood flooring drying benefits: 1. Can make solid wood flooring said to meet the provisions of the use of regional environmental

    characteristics of the equilibrium moisture content. 2. Can eliminate the wood in the growth and processing of the existence and generated internal stress. 3. Can adjust and restore deformation. Solid wood floor drying process large exposure: 1. Natural drying, about 30 to 40 days, so that the moisture content of about 30%. 2. Artificial drying, about 10 to 30 days, so that the water content of 10% or less. This process also makes the wood pulp distillation out, balance the wood cell wall tissue, shrinkage performance tends to be consistent. 3. Health treatment, about 10 to 20 days. Through this process, the last three purposes of wood drying are achieved.

    Composite wood plastic related information and application of composite wood-plastic, also known as plastic wood is the two or more different materials combine the advantages of an effective alternative to the traditional wood deformation determination of a wide range of applications, then Specific to the characteristics of wood products which have? Wood-plastic composite materials have been widely used in civil fields, including outdoor supplies, building materials, municipal facilities, packaging materials, household goods,

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