stimulate lumber

  • Produce the progress of the industry to stimulate lumber, angola government is adopting relevant measure to improve the management environment of lumber market all the time. Installed a government to implemented the sectional plan of lumber of a heavy model, furniture and relevant product 2013, still adopted relevant measure to 2 foot high gates and fences weave and approve a new state law about forest and wild animal, the law of the formulate of colonial period place that so that replace,using at present.

    Cut licence gives new rule,To lumber manufacturing industry damages serious condition, angola government still does not have relevant legal aspect to restrict at present. Each airs his plastic lumber retaining wall own views of industry public figure. Show according to relevant data, it is about 15 years ago, of timber production company cut the period of efficacy of licence can amount to 12 months, but nowadays, the period of efficacy of licence has time of half an year only,

    because develop according to Angola forestry bureau (IDF) regulation, lumber cuts season is annual arrived May September, in tree cannot cut besides this deadline, so licence just extended May, discounted outdoor composite planter boxes lumber was restricted to cut on certain level mobile time. According to latest news, relevant section has begun to consider before two years " the approval principle of concessionary right of administration " ,