imports the storehouse

  • End on November 22, jiangsu too port imports the storehouse in all lumber seven million eight hundred and ten thousand eight hundred stere, goods is worth one billion one hundred and build a planter box at backyard twenty-eight million six hundred thousand dollar, volume and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop somewhat,

    Too storehouse port is treatment of lumber of Hua Dong area and carried significant key position, since beginning entrance lumber professional work 2001, grow quickly for the whole nation composite bench seat replacement boards marine into condition lumber the biggest harbor, for area lumber industry development and economic society construction were offerred strong prop up. In recent years, too the storehouse examines quarantine bureau promotes port actively to upgrade into condition lumber transition, conduct relevant business by " increment " instead " carry qualitative " .

    This bureau staff member introduction, at present too storehouse port lumber year import volume maintains basically in above of 8 million stere, examine quarantine branch tilts picture of inexpensive fencing for house through policy, encourage plank, abroad to handle the import such as material, annatto, industrial structure is reasonable with each passing day,