forest products production

  • The forest has good economy, environment and social function, can offer lumber not only, and have absorb the zoology environment function such as fountainhead of carbon dioxide, self-restraint,best waterproof vinyl decking planks rich species. Cut illegally to produce serious destruction to function of silvan zoology environment, had caused the attention of world each country.

    China regards forest products production, consumption wood slats for cast wpc park bench and commerce as big country, attention of Chinese government height fells illegally problem, emphasize strengthening a forest to execute the law with administration, protect silvan natural resources from fountainhead, keep within limits cuts illegally and commerce, adopted a series of diy modern horizontal fence measure blow to cut illegally from level of international, country, obtain better result.

    Fulfil international obligation, strengthen international collaboration blow to cut illegally,China attends actively with cut illegally the convention related processing or treaty, fulfil anti-pollution barn wood decking relevant obligation effectively; Active patulous and bilateral collaboration, strengthen multilateral cooperation, blow fells illegally.