Survival Tactics as A College Freshman

  • For utmost comfort when you are in campus, you need to have peace in the places that you will be spending most of your time. You therefore need to start with the hostel because the class will be easier, where academic assignments will be sorted through AU resumes when you don’t have enough time to work on them.


    You create peace between you and your roommate by respecting them and being considerate of their lives. You don’t need to have a good relationship with the roommate but at least you can live in a happy environment when everyone is at ease. Even if they don’t seem to be friendly to you, be nice and let them know that you are approachable. It’s hard to manage a residence that you are one of the newcomers but you can always be the positive one.


    Greet the person you share that room with and show courtesy in everything you do. Politeness when you want to use anything even if it’s the bathroom that you are both entitled to will make you a better person always. Give them space when they have guests because you will also need the same when your time comes. Positivity brings harmony where people live together.