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  • Eliminated but the FIFA Coins closest thing to it Sure Portland still has a chance Dallas has a tough final month of regular season games and Minnesota would need to make up a lot of ground But right now this is Denvers spot to lose The Nuggets dont seem too interested in doing thatThey are a ragtag bunch and theyre not a traditional playoff team in the sense they


     probably finish a game or two under That may factor into why some of us never trusted them to hang onto the spot But right now with all the evidence we have at hand youd be foolish not to trust them with that final spotThe Warriors are back on track or something like thatBriefly Golden State was tied with San Antonio for the No seed which the


    Spurs own the tiebreaker for now They were fighting through Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson slumps and they were struggling to beat even bad teams like Philadelphia Apparently all they needed was a game against Orlando to finally turn that around Thompson scored points in the first quarter while the Warriors blew the doors off them in a


     point defeat that wasnt even as close as the final score would indicate Like they  Cheap FIFA Coins probably could have won by if they really wanted toThe Warriors even survived a brief Curry injury scare which manifested in the form of beat writers saying he had gone down without contact only for us to collectively exhale when we realized he stepped on



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