And have a healthy NBA 2K18 MT Kevin Durant

  • And have a healthy  NBA 2K18 MT Kevin Durant nce againne player wh hasnt really gtten ging fr Glden State thugh is Klay Thmpsn The third scring ptin is cming ff a sixpint playff perfrmance shting just f frm the field in Game Zaza Pachulia utscred him with seven pints and ludly crwed abut it n InstagramIn these playffs Thmpsn is nly shting percent frm the field


     percent n threes Whats funny is Glden State desnt need him t light up every night and anyway Thmpsn is still averaging pints per game in the pstseasn But Warrirs fans and Thmpsn himself wuldnt mind seeing the ball g thrugh the basket a few mre timesAnd hey if it desnt fr him theres still Steph and KD and Draymnd t take care f business Well see


     if Utah can pull ut a win anyway but theyre certainly nt favritesLeBrn James had an insane regular seasn fr a player this deep int his career We all fcused n the gaudy numbers f Russell Westbrk and James Harden but LeBrn was right there in terms f impact n the curt The Cavaliers were nt their best selves and sme f us flishly dubted they had anther


    level given that LeBrn was already at his peakMan that was really flishThe Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Cavaliers swept the hell ut f the Raptrs n Sunday as LeBrn was again unstppable He averaged fr the series and sht percent Fr the playffs hes at n percent shting The Cavs are Cleveland wnt play again until May at the earliest that means a week f rest is cming DeMar DeRzan


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