Just how badly EnormousTrash wanted to rsgole

  •  doing it three times previously, is by no means an easy task, and shows just how badly EnormousTrash wanted to be the first to RS Gold level 32. And now they can be an integral part of any Crota's End raid team moving forward, doing tons more damage in the final showdown with Crota.For the rest of us, however, level 32 is still at least a few weeks away. Even those of us who have one, maybe two, alternate characters will need the RNG of Destiny to go our way if we ever have a hope of hitting the new cap. Luckily, the hard version of Crota's End doesn't hit until January so there's plenty of time to


    hit 32.What do you think of someone already hitting Destiny's new level cap? Is someone  to rs 2007 fire cape  like this dedicated or insane? In early days of Destiny, few players gave Glimmer a second thought. It was one of a many number of currencies in the game, and one that was arguably the easiest to come by. Kill an Ultra or Major enemy, complete a quest, break down a piece of armor – it all gave players Glimmer, and it wasn't really until they hit the 25,000 Glimmer cap that players even noticed how much they were earning.With the introduction of Destiny's new exotic upgrade system, however, that has all changed. Where Glimmer


    was seemingly insignificant before, it is now as important as Ascendant Materials, if not more. That's because trading an exotic to Xur in exchange for an upgraded version requires least 7,500 Glimmer per item. It's certainly a lot to ask, but with many players wanting to upgrade several exotics in a single weekend, getting Glimmer and getting it quickly has become extremely important. Especially considering the Glimmer cap prevents players from simply stockpiling.While most players have their own go-to Glimmer farming spots, one of the best we've seen is on Mars. What players need to do is load up the 'Exclusion Zone' mission


    with the “Heroic” modifier turned on. We'd recommend just picking level 18, as the enemies can become a nuisance due to their numbers, but those who do go higher will be rewarded with more XP for armor and weapons. They won't be rewarded with any more glimmer, though.After loading up the level, players need to head through the very first section by opening the door down into the installation, and then activating the terminal for Sparrow Link. Once they've done that a big door in front of them will open, revealing a drop ship and a large group of Cabal. Players will want to clear these enemies out, and then move onto the second group of enemies to http://www.rsgole.com/