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  • LC tracks. For years, players have had to work within the limited 50, 100, and 150cc class of karts, but starting this month they will be able to go even faster. With that comes increased priority on braking and drifting, though, so players would do well not to keep their pedals to the Neverwinter Astral Diamonds metal in this new mode.We’re sure that 200cc will add more nuance to the race than just added speed, but the prospect itself is certainly reason to take notice. And Mario Kart 8 owners won’t have to worry about purchasing the mode either, as it will come as a free update very soon.The Animal Crossing DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 was already looking like an intriguing proposition, but Nintendo has sweetened the pot with new details. They may have been slow to jump on the DLC bandwagon, but their support has been stronger than the average publisher. Most companies move their DLC back, but Nintendo is moving theirs up.Are you looking forward to the Animal Crossing DLC for Mario Kart 8? How do you


    feel about a 200cc mode? Mario Kart 8’s Animal Crossing DLC releases this April for Wii U. 'Destiny' Player Solos Crota's End Hard as Hunter. While Destiny received plenty of complaints for its supposed lack of content, that hasn't prevented the game from growing a sizeable to Cheap Dofus Touch Kamas  community of highly dedicated Guardians. These players are dead set on continually proving their mastery of the title, one-upping each other's achievements as they go.It's no secret that the biggest challenges within Destiny are its Raids, and as such they've become something of a battleground for fans keen to prove their mettle. Whether it's self-imposed challenges or increasingly competitive speedruns, players love to record their exploits and share them online for the rest of the community to see — a method of laying down the gauntlet to other players.Raids are typically attempted by a team of six Guardians, but expert players often take them on solo to demonstrate their skill. Now, a video has been


    released as evidence of the first Hunter to solo the Crota's End Raid on Hard mode. Nick Deprez is the player responsible for the achievement, which he describes as the 'hardest thing [he has] ever done' in the video's description on YouTube.Bungie have been very clear that Raids are meant to be the greatest test for Destiny players, but so far we've seen the best of the best become very capable of handling the challenge. Going forward, it will be very interesting to see how the studio balances catering to the most skilled sector of their audience alongside new players.The structure of Destiny is such that there's some flexibility into the order that challenges are attempted in


    D— because of their level requirement; Raids are amongst the last parts of the game players will attack. However, when one Guardian can complete a Hard version of a challenge meant to be a big test for six, it will be no small feat to continue delivering content that will test the best of the best.It's expected that the next Destiny expansion, the House of Wolves, will release before the end of next month. When it does, it will bring with it the game's next Raid, which is thought to be called The Arena. While the Vault of Glass was a good start, Crota's End demonstrated an evolution in terms of design — we'll have to wait and see whether The Arena can continue to