unbeatable scorpion enemy in Serious Sam to rsgole

  • Legendary weapons to 365 attack and Legendary armor to light level 42. In addition to the Iron Banner, Etheric Light will be obtainable from the Weekly Nightfall Strike, The Prison of Elders, and The Trials of Osiris.What do you think of the upcoming changes to Destiny’s Crucible? Are to RuneScape Gold  you happy about the changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Bungie Fighting Game Pro Trolls Young Gamer in 'Mortal Kombat X'. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity, Mortal Kombat X is the fastest-selling game in the history of the series. The game also boasts a large, dedicated fan base that has been playing the game religiously since its launch a few weeks ago.Any property that has a large group of fans is going to see tribute videos, parodies, and more pop up on the Internet. Mortal Kombat X is


    beginning to follow suit, with videos like the parody of the fighter intros or the most recent entry in the Cheap DeadMan Seasonal 4 Gold   Elders React YouTube series appearing with increasing frequency.However, the latest Mortal Kombat X video might leave some with a bad taste in their mouth, as it depicts a case of blatant trolling. That being said, it's pretty funny. The video comes from a Twitch live-stream of professional fighting gamer Justin Wong, who played against a child (far too young to play an M-rated game online, by the way) and trolled him by spamming Jax's rocket attack.When Wong flies forward with a punch, the kid, playing as Liu Kang, complains, That's a cheap move! Wong responds by spamming rockets endlessly, yelling into the microphone, Welcome to the real world! Time to learn! You're gonna learn today!The fight goes on, and in the second round, Wong earns a flawless victory using only rockets. To rub salt in the wound, Wong then decides to finish the kid off with


    powerful gear, as well as his highest level character.Trolling can be terrible, but it can also be a goofy joke. An example of trolling that's not cruel in nature happened when a Call of Duty: Ghosts player tricked people playing on Xbox One systems with Kinect plugged in.With Kinect plugged in, Xbox One will listen to a wide array of voice commands. One of these voice commands turns off the system. This is accomplished by saying, Xbox One, Sign Out. The aforementioned Call of Duty: Ghosts player actually made his Xbox Live GamerTag Xbox Sign Out, which in turn caused mayhem online as people read his name out loud.Sometimes, game developers themselves can get in on the trolling, though it's usually for more admirable purposes. Developer Croteam is notorious for punishing pirates


    by trolling them, implementing an unbeatable scorpion enemy in Serious Sam 3 and a broken elevator in The Talos Principle for players who decide to download their games without paying for them.The case of Justin Wong trolling this kid in Mortal Kombat X is fairly lighthearted, and while the child in the video is probably frustrated, he will assuredly pick up the controller again soon. He'll encounter plenty more spammers online, too. Just don't let them get under your skin and laugh it off. After all, the next match may be another rocket, instead of one of Jax's brutal Fatalities. After the kid disconnects from the game, Wong laughs, saying, I'm going to Hell!A YouTuber by the name of ajax811 was watching Wong's live stream and saved the footage, then uploaded it for a wider audience to enjoy. Published yesterday, the video has already accrued 35,629 views, with 473 likes and 126 dislikes at the time of writing. Watch the Mortal Kombat X trolling video right here:A 79% approval rating on http://www.rsgole.com/