The announcement was made to MMOGO

  • voice actors.One such plot-focused game company, the ravenously popular TellTale Games to be Neverwinter Astral Diamonds specific, is known for its mostly narrative-driven gameplay style with their episodic The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us titles. That being said, it comes as no surprise that dialogue is incredibly important in those games, and therefore causes the developer to depend on talented voice actors to lend credence to the stories. Fortunately for TellTale Games, voice actor Ashley Johnson is joining the cast of Tales from the Borderlands ,


    the studio's recent collaboration with Gearbox Software.The announcement was made to MMOGO today by TellTale Games' Community and PR Specialist Laura Perusco via her Twitter account. In even more important news for fans of Tales from the Borderlands, the company's Public Relations Director Job J. Stauffer followed up Perusco's Tweet with a confirmation that Johnson “plays a very core character” in the third and upcoming episode in the series.With voice credits like Infamous: First Light and Ben 10 under her belt, Ashley Johnson's no stranger to the gaming world, especially not after her critically-renowned role as Ellie in Naughty Dog's groundbreaking PlayStation


    exclusive, The Last of Us. In fact, Johnson is an entertainment industry veteran with acting credits going back to when she was a kid, such as the part of Mike Seaver's little sister in the family sitcom, Growing Pains.With two chapters already released for Tales from the Borderlands, word of the third episode ought to be coming any day now, especially now with the aforementioned casting news being made known. Plus, TellTale Games often like to play things close


    o the vest until their titles are as close to  Cheap STO XBOX Energy Credits   completion as possible, and will rarely break radio silence unless a project gets shifted around, like their announcement that season 3 of The Walking Dead won't release this year.Is voice acting important for you when it comes to enjoying a game? If so, which games do you think feature the best vocal performances? Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: “Zer0 Sum” and Episode 2: “Atlas Mugged” are currently available for PC