RequirementsNotesCharter A CourseTake a trip on mmogo

  • Medium TasksTaskDescriptionQuest NeededSkill RequirementsNotesCharter A CourseTake a trip on Trek Online Energy Credits a charter ship to the Port Phasmatys dock.NoneNoneTwo ecto-tokens are required for entry for those who did not complete Ghosts Ahoy. Cheapest is from Karamja at 550 coins with a ring of charos (a) (1100 without it); another way is to home teleport to Port Sarim and charter for 650 coins with ring of charos (a) (1300 without the ring).Travelling On The Slime TrailUse an ectophial to return to Port Phasmatys.Ghosts AhoyNoneIf lost, Ectophial can be reclaimed from Velorina, the ghost you spoke to to start Ghosts Ahoy.The Yeast They Can DoExchange ecto-tokens for brewing yeast with Metarialus in The


    Green Ghost inn's cellar.Ghosts AhoyNoneA Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet must be worn to talk to Cheap Star Trek Online Energy Credits Metarialus. Keep the yeast, there is another task that needs it.Flamtaer Will Get You EverywhereUse a Flamtaer hammer to help fix the Shades of Mort'ton temple.Shades of Mort'tonNoneFlamtaer hammer can be purchased from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton for 13,000 coinsWho You Gonna Ring?Use the fairy ring in the Haunted Woods.A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a QueenPermission from Fairy GodfatherFairy Ring Code: ALQ.Gate Spectre-ationsUse the western gate of Port Phasmatys.NoneNoneReady? Trek!Take a medium companion through a medium route of Temple


    Trekking.In Aid of the MyrequeNoneSimply choose a medium companion at the Temple Trekking start point, and guide them through a medium route.Don’t Stop Me If I Start To RambleComplete a Burgh de Rott Ramble.Darkness of HallowvaleNonePlenty Mort Where That Came FromUnlock a chest in the Shade Catacombsshades of Mort'tonNoneThe Beer Inn-spectreStart any ale brewing below the Green Ghost Inn.None14 CookingYou will need either 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malt, Ale yeast and the main ingredient for the ale you want to make or 16 cooking apples, 4 empty buckets, and Ale yeast to make cider (water and barley malt not needed for cider). For ale, add the water first, then the


    barley malt, then the main ingredient and then the ale yeast. For cider, make 4 buckets of apple mush using the Buy Cheap Star Trek Online Energy Credits apple barrel and then add the buckets of apple mush to the vat along with ale yeast.I Wonder How Far It Ghost?Explore the tunnel from the cellar under the Hair of the Dog.NoneNoneThe tunnel is located under a trapdoor at the back of the Hair of the Dog inn, not inside.If you have unlocked the tunnel shortcut by leveling Zachary Bragg to 99 in the Temple Trekking activity, you may have to