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  •   Attention all budding flower arrangers, landscapers, and those with green thumbs! The new update for RS Gold those high level Farmers out there is in full bloom! The ten newly released plants fall into two categories: those that yield produce when harvested, and those that grant experience in other skills. This is an exciting news especially for the high-level farmers since new plants will certainly bring abundant XP and RS gold for them!RS New Plants That Yield Produce1. There are some familiar sights such as snape grass and potato cacti - available through farming for the first time. 2. You'll also find some new plants: reed beds, which produce toads, swamp tar and swamp lizards, and butterfly flowers, which yield ruby harvests and have a chance to spawn a Guthixian butterfly, which grants XP in your lowest-levelled skill when caught.3. If you've the necessary Construction skill,


    When added to water and fermented, these become wines, which can be mixed into the Cheap RS Gold rest or brew potions of their respective gods, creating super Guthix rest potions, super Saradomin brews and super Zamorak brews.4. There's also the wishing well bush, which yields its fruit in exchange for a sum of runescape gold based on your total skill levels. Upon opening the fruit, you will find useful items of a varying value - up to three times that of the coins you put in - although beware that it is possible to lose as well as gain wealth from this!RS New Plants That Grant Experience in Other Skills1. You'll find such wonders of nature as fly traps, which grant Thieving XP if you can snatch out their fruit with


    your fingers intact. 2. There are barberry bushes too, which offer Agility XP to the nimble naturalist.3. Battle-botanists among you (we know you're out there) will enjoy the al fresco training offered by harvesting sunchoke tubers and prickly pears, which grant Strength and Defence XP respectively.Note:1. The amount of non-Farming skill XP given by harvesting these plants is relative to your current level in the relevant skill.2. These new plants are members only and with farming skill requirements ranging from 76 to


    96.Sounds fun right? You can enjoy ten new plants to rs gold sell  grow in RuneScape, along with new produce and cross-skill training opportunities. It is definitely an interesting update aimed at high level farming training. With these new plants, you can gain amounts of rewards like: fast farming skill traning, a sum of coins, useful runescape items, and XP in farming and other skills. Try them right now!you'll also be able to build frames for growing grapevines, which - when harvested - offer a crop of godly grapes, aligned to Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix.