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  • The skills required for Monkey Madness 2 is high, such as 70 Crafting and 60 Hunter. You also need to gain 60 Firemaking, which is required for you to complete the Enlightened Journey. MM2 includes five main the RS Goldquests, and you should have a high combat level so that you can finish the quests smoothly. If you can’t meet the required skill, you can buy 2007 RS Account as well as OSRS gold from us to help you increase the skills quickly. At the same time, if you want to equip the heavy ballista, train to get 65 Ranged at first. Access to Ape Atoll and start your journey!Buy lower priced OSRS gold to prepare for this new quest.We know that you would like to be involved in Monkey Madness 2. “Monkey Madness II is a Grandmaster quest. As such, it must provide rewards fitting for such a challenging quest. We would like to offer several rewards for those of you experienced enough to complete MMII.”Jagex said in its Dev Blog. We will celebrate the release of this quest and help you gain the rewards in our style: continue to provide 2007 gold cheap for you.


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    You need to run out the Paterdomus and talk to Afonsig near the beacon. After you kill the vampires, don’t forget talk to Afonsig again. Next, you should speak to Captain Rover and give him the armour and weapons. When you are in the church, kill all the Zamork monks and the two people bravely. Go back to Drezel again, reclaim the wolfbane dagger from Ivan and read the book. If you are lack of RS 3 gold for sale, just place your order on our site.When you go down the trapdoor, search the bookcase on the N wall to get a diary, which you should read to Drezel. You need to complete the diary with pages, make a fire from the blisterwood and talk to Drezel with pouring the potion in the well. When you finish doing the above three things, return to Alfonius and choose the first three options, then jump down to the bridge and talk to Vanescula.


    Part 2: Behave bravely on Combatting HaemalchemyWhen you kill the Buy RuneScape Goldthree minions and big demon with sunspear, talk to Efritay and teleport to Burgh de Rott, then take the boat to the icyene graveyard. This part, after you take Efritay’s pendant and make a bllisterwood from her, remember to talk to her. Then you teleport to Meyerditch laboratories and speak to the woman there. When you get the book from room W, teleport back to the woman again.