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  •   Jagex has recently announced that using unauthorised OSRS third party clients to NeverWinter Astral Diamonds play the game will most likely result in account being banned permanently. For the safety and security of customers’ accounts, mmogo promises that all rs 2007 gold cheap on our site is hand made, with bo bots or micros.Using RS 3rd party clients may make OSRS account bannedAccording to the official announcement, unauthorised third party clients process or render graphics differently to the official client, in particular HD specific clients. Mostly, they are indistinguishable from bot client. Using one will most likely result in your rs 07 account being banned for botting. Besides, since Jagex have no control or knowledge of these third party clients, your personal information and account information are not in the charge of Jagex, which would be dangerous.No authorize 3rd party clients in OSRS nowCurrently, Jagex doesn’t authorize any 3rd party clients, including RuneLoader, OSBuddy and Konduit. But Jaex Mod has confirmed that the above three third party in competitive mode of LMS match, 1,500,000 coins is granted to


    clients do not look like bots and that players won't get banned for NeverWinter Astral Diamonds  using them. For Jagex, there are no plans to authorize rs 2007 third clients at the moment, but it is possible to do that in the future.Buy cheap runescape 2007 gold on mmogo without botsWe know how important OSRS account and Runescape 2007 cheap gold are for players. At mmogo, the safety of your account and the security of your personal info are of paramount importance to us. So it is guaranteed that we never farm cheapest rs 2007 gold by bots, and that all gold for sale on our site is manual. To sum up, for your account safety, please think carefully before using a third party client to play game and when choosing a site to buy osrs gold cheap online. A the safest and cheapest runescape 2007 gold site, mmogo always offer you safe rs 07 gold online.



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