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  • studio The Collective in 1997, before merging with BackBone Entertainment in  NBA Live Coins2005 to form Foundation 9 Entertainment. Their decision to form a games publisher in Dundee was based on "Dundee’s competitiveness for games development and skilled workforce", according to a statement.Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced today that Outplay Entertainment will receive £2.25 million in Regional Selective Assistance support from Scottish Enterprise.


    The startup is also set to receive non-financial support from Scottish Development International.Salmond said of the new publisher: “Outplay Entertainment’s decision to establish a Dundee HQ reinforces Scotland’s reputation as an attractive and competitive location for the future of the videogames market."Over the last decade the games industry has evolved into one of the largest grossing entertainment industries in the Buy MUL Zen world and Scotland has demonstrated that it has the talent,


    and skills to deliver success in this fast growing sector."He added "There are more than 50 games companies in Scotland investing over £30 million per annum in our economy. The growth of social media and mobile technology present enormous opportunities to our creative industries and Outplay aims to capitalise on this through their online products."Douglas Hare, the chief executive officer of Outplay Entertainment, noted that "There are more people now playing games on


    devices and in different ways, than ever before, creating a huge new audience that can truly be considered global in MMOGO   nature."From the earliest days of the industry, Scotland has built a reputation for creativity, inspiration and innovation, with the right skills, the right people and the right support – all in the right place."Richard Hare, the president for the company, concurred: "There are significant advantages to creating and publishing on social network and mobile platforms. Shorter, more