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  • Zynga co-founder and serial entrepreneur Andrew Trader will join the developer's board of advisors, too."We are very excited to get Nexon's support to create the new generation of high quality, ubiquitous social games," A Bit Lucky CEO Frederic Descamps said in NBA Live Mobile Coins a statement. "Nexon invented Free-To-Play and virtual goods in gaming and we are looking forward to benefiting from their expertise."


    The ethical debate involving microtransactions-based social network games versus more traditional gaming platforms isn't exclusive to the Western game industry.Season Xu, COO of China-based Happy Farm social game developer Five Minutes, told Gamasutra in  Cheap FIFA Coins a new feature interview that the debate between developers over the topic is "even worse" in China.As in the West, Chinese developers are arguing about whether certain social games are about providing players


    happiness through gameplay, or are rather just psychological manipulators whose primary goal is to extract as much money from users as possible."I really think, either way, you have to create happiness first," said Xu. "Either way. Because however good you are ... at manipulation, you still have to create happiness first, otherwise people will not get attracted [to the game]."But in order to create a successful social game, developers still have to be business-minded, and create their


     games so people will keep coming back, and keep spending money. And that does involve some psychological manipulation."If there is a yin there is always a yang, right?" said Xu. "If there is a positive there is always a negative. So, meaning, you cannot overly depend on MMOGO either side. ... There's always the bad side and the good side of it, so I think you have to very smoothly conquer every different skill in order to win in the long run."For more from Five Minutes on social gaming and balancing the yin and the yang, read Gamasutra's in-depth feature interview, available now.