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    it in their games.- Through the Looking Glass: How The  Cheap FIFA Coins 3DS Can Transform Gaming In The Outside World( Christopher Totten) While the 3DS built its reputation on its stereoscopic display, Christopher Totten argues that the handheld truly shines thanks to its augmented reality features, which could have significant implications for the industry moving forward.- The Financial Life (And Death) Of An East European Gold Farm (Richard Heeks) Richard Heeks provides a look at the


    history of an Eastern European MMO gold farm, detailing the rise and fall of a group that made a living off of in-game currency.- What We Would Gain By Losing The Word ‘Gamification’ (Christian McCrea) Christian McCrea notes that the definition of 'gamification' has become muddled, and in order to fully understand the ideas behind the concept, we should abandon the word altogether.


    Melbourne, Australia-based mobile developer Jumbuck Entertainment has unveiled the  MMOGO  first project to be rolled out as part of its Launchpad start-up program.The selected project, developed by Foolhardy Games, is a multiplayer game creation toolset called My Level, which allows Facebook users to create their own platform game worlds and share them with friends.Foolhardy Games developer Clinton Shepherd received $50,000 from Jumbuck as part of the program, reports