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  • little bit too comfortable with each other, or when Silent Hill 2's convoluted symbolism pointed to male sexual frustration and resentment."At the Flash of Steel blog, Troy Goodfellow adds to his The National Character series a discussion of 'The Indian National Character' as discovered by observing that nation's portrayal in strategy games:"It's no wonder that game designers want to think of India as a single culture and NBA Live Mobile Coins entity. Even though it was very rarely unified in its history


    , there is an assumption that the peninsula makes sense as one civilization and not, say, five. The reference points, then, become almost exclusively modern. What do we mean by India? We mean whatever the British said was India, and that is close enough for game design work. Religious divisions between north and south, east and west, old and new become blurry and we see an unbroken chain of custody from Asoka down to Cheap NBA Live Coins Nehru, even though the Mughals had only mixed


    in the south, the Punjab was always restive and the British showed up to an India where they could play prince against prince."Gamasutra news editor Kyle Orland, writing for The Escapist, this week explores the appeal of the Atari 2600 in an experiment that sounds like slightly more trouble than it's worth in 'Retro Colored Glasses.'And lucky last, at the PopMatters Moving Pixels blog, Mark Filipowich writes about 'Unplugging the Player from the Protagonist' in LA Noire


    There is a critical moment in L.A. Noire that seems to divide those that enjoyed the mmogo game and those that hated it. At the end of the second chapter, when Cole Phelps is promoted from traffic to homicide, Roy Earle—a sleazy vice detective—takes Phelps out for a congratulatory drink. At this point the player knows that Phelps is a stickler for the rules and that he is an effective and dedicated police officer. His morals are agreeable and his methods are efficient—he is who a player