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  • need that extra push to be great. And more than that, if I'm going to try to NBA Live Mobile Coins suffer through something I actively dislike, such as Duke Nukem Forever, I at least want my friends to be able to know about it. This is a strange new relationship to have with electronic media. In the olden days, you'd have to send your high score in to a magazine via a screenshot in order to get any recognition for doing something spectacular in a game.Now, with achievements and leaderboards, anyone can know


    you got the "Seriously 2.0" award in Gears of War 2 (for killing 100,000 enemies). For NBA 2K18 Coins many people this kind of reward is quite compelling, and just increasing the number of points they have in their gamerscore can be enough motivation to play a game. But in my opinion, achievements just for the sake of achievements are not worthwhile. I like to see numbers go up as much as anyone -- but I want to feel that I've earned them. Receiving 200 points at chapter endings doesn't feel like


    I've really achieved.If I'm playing the game through, passing a chapter point is inevitable, if the game is fun. So how interesting is that, really? The more interesting achievements are those that encourage alternate paths or play styles, or reward exploration. But you have to do it right. Recently I was playing Dungeon Siege 3, a passable dungeon crawler with a middling story that I continued through because it got the loot mechanic right. Many of the achievements, rather than being secret,


    visible to the player if they cared to look. This is fine, and in my case it compelled me to try to Cheap NBA Live Coins fulfill the requirements. But you have to be careful with even these, especially in how you describe them. For example, in one Dungeon Siege 3 boss encounter you get an achievement for "defeating 50 automatons" before taking the boss down. I counted some 120 automatons defeated before I finished off the boss, just to be sure.But I received no achievement. The game was not supplying