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  • called Portal 2: Lab Rat that's due next year, while van der Meer has released a few maps, the most famous of which is AngryBombs. The challenge was the timeframe. The project had to be completed in time for Stephy's 21st birthday - and that gave them just over four weeks. And making things more difficult were finding times they could brainstorm, given their different locales and the need for secrecy. "The NBA Live Coins biggest challenge was communication," says van der Meer. "Me, Gary and


    all lived in different time zones, so often we had to do late night meetings over steam to discuss about every aspect of the chamber. Often things had to be tweaked afterwards or simplified to make it more accessible to the casual play style of [Stephy]. For  Buy FIFA 17 Coins example, in the second level where you use prism blocks to make a heart, there were originally nine cubes involved. Because of the length and complexity, that got cut down to five cubes. "This required a massive overhaul in the design


    shape of the test chamber. Eventually though it turned out even better than it originally was." Hoogland adds that the tight timetable was worrisome as well. "With each level taking about 60 hours of work, and more time spent on writing scripts and animations it was hard to squeeze it in whilst working 55+ hours a week," he says. "The total make time was around the 200 hour mark." (van der Meer estimates her total hours on the project clocked in at around 120.) To date, neither


    nor van der Meer has heard from anyone at Valve about their work on the project, but  mmogo both plan to pursue careers in the video game industry. Hoogland is already a level designer at Dark Artz Entertainment. Van der Meer is about to start a four-year program focusing on game design and architecture in the Netherlands. "After that, I might try my luck at some of the big game developers out there (Valve would be nice)," she says "If that doesn't work out, I would think about starting my own