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  • Mobile social gaming network OpenFeint's co-founder and CEO Jason Citron has resigned from the company, Gamasutra has learned.According to company representatives, Citron left the company to "pursue new opportunities."Stepping into his role will be Naoki Aoyagi, the CFO of OpenFeint's Japanese parent company, Gree. Aoyagi has nearly ten years of experience in financial operations and management, according to FIFA Coins his corporate profile, including four years in


    executive positions at Deutsche Bank."I thank Jason for Cheap Madden Coins his leadership growing the company and wish him well in his new adventures," said Aoyagi in a statement. "I’m excited to lead OpenFeint through its next phase of growth."Gree acquired OpenFeint earlier this year in a $104 million deal. According to Gree, it is set to announce an integration of the U.S. subsidiaries of Gree and OpenFeint in the next few weeks.OpenFeint currently claims over 120 million users across 7,000


    ."The long-term vision for OpenFeint is to be the world's gaming social network on mobile devices," Citron recently told Gamasutra. "Smartphones and tablets are going to be in every corner of the world in the next five to ten years, and gaming is the killer app on these things … And we are just really excited to build the right type of tools and technology and platforms that allow the developers to build those kind of experiences for people."


      Major game retailer GameStop revealed today that it is now accepting iPods, iPhones and iPads as trade-ins for mmogo store credit.Any of these Apple devices can be traded in at any GameStop store in the U.S., and the credit can be put towards games, hardware, DLC and more.In an official statement, GameStop noted that the value of trade-ins of these devices is "significantly higher" than typical trade-ins."By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another