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  • disbelief. HD added that extra detail that made games feel more immersive, more real. To FIFA Coins quantify what 3D brings in is to say, 'Finally, you see the game world how you see the real world.' It's the biggest sea change in generations of gaming. You'll only go that route if you've experienced it yourself to understand the immersiveness."


    In highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, industry notables write about diverse topics, including an anti-incest algorithm, signs you have a bad console port, ways to market your indie game, and why brainstorming is not game design.]In our weekly Best of Cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins Expert Blogs column, we showcase notable pieces of writing from members of the game development community who maintain Expert Blogs on Gamasutra.Member Blogs -- also highlighted weekly -- can be maintained


    any registered Gamasutra user, while the invitation-only Expert Blogs are written by development professionals with a wealth of experience to share.We hope that both sections can provide useful and interesting viewpoints on our industry. For more information about the blogs, check out the latest official posting guidelines.Here are the top blogs for the week:This Week's Standout Expert BlogsWhy Brainstorming is NOT Game Design(Adam Saltsman)Canabalt creator


    Saltsman explores the role of ideas in game design, and argues that the brainstorming process should not be confused with game design.Three Ways To Market Your Indie Game(Nicholas Lovell)There is a battle royal brewing over the best way to mmogo market your indie game. GAMESbrief's Nicholas Lovell looks at the pros and cons of buzz marketing, metrics marketing, or permission marketing.Signs You Have A Bad Console Port (Josh Bycer)Cross-platform game production