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  • Diablo II and next year's Diablo III. The studio will have to cater to hardcore series veterans while trying to appeal to new gamers in a considerably different demographic market than the one Diablo II saw 10 years ago.When asked just how big a concern this balancing act was, Martens was honest in admitting that it sometimes keeps him up at night. "Our team's approach from the very beginning is to make hardcore games for the FIFA Coins mass market. We want to make games that everybody can


    So many of the design decisions we make go into making the  Buy trove flux game more approachable for all players," he said. "We spend so much time and energy with that, but it's still a hardcore game and players who stick with it will realize the full depth Diablo III has to offer. We think even the most casual players who ... invest time will end up becoming hardcore as a result."


    Ex-Capcom R&D head Keiji Inafune has embarked on development of two social games, but he isn't overly-reliant on metrics, he tells Gamasutra in a new feature interview. His studio, Comcept -- formed April this year -- is developing a social game for each of Japan's big operators -- The Island of Dr. Momo for GREE and J.J. Rockets for DeNA. These companies, like Zynga and others in the West, pursue metrics-driven game development. But does Inafune believe in it?"If


    rely on those, then basically what you've got is a set of numbers that don't necessarily tell you anything. Just because you know what someone's favorite food is doesn't mean you really know the person," says Inafune. "So I don't rely on metrics slavishly; I give them quick looks, absorbing them and reflecting them against my own thoughts to analyze what they mean." The Mega Man creator believes that instinct is what separates a developer from mmogo a mere computer: