message from the Forza Horizon 3 credits

  • narrow the gap between strong players and weak players," says Killian. "I don't think there's any combination of gems which will help a weak player beat someone who's much stronger than them," he says. Auto-block has, in particular, "sent people into FIFA Coins a tizzy," says Killian, "because it's like, can't you just block everything? Well, yes, but it requires meter from your bar."In other words, the gems have activation conditions. A Boost Gem might require being hit a certain number of


    to activate. An Assist Gem will "almost always" be active only as long as you have energy in your meter, which you must build up by fighting. Assist Gems are "a way of keying in on your weaknesses or your strengths," says Killian, a very different message from the Forza Horizon 3 credits one Ono delivered. "You have the option to not choose any gems, if you want," says Killian. However, "the entire game is built around the gems," and there will be no "No Gem" mode in the game. The Money


    players will be able to get gems has also been a major topic of player discussion, with rumors suggesting microtransactions or grinding will be necessary."At this point we're still sort of figuring that stuff out," says Killian. "The game comes with some gems, some of them will be available as preorder bonuses and things like that." Some may be available packaged with DLC, as well. "There's also worry about this guy [that] has more money and buys the special edition -- will he have an


    over me?" The answer, says Killian, is no. "The gems, in the way we've approached them, are balanced against each other.""If  mmogo  one gem has a bigger damage bonus, it has harder activation conditions."Banned From Tournaments?Hyper Street Fighter HD Remix designer and tournament player David Sirlin wrote a blog post last week about the possibility that the gems will need to be banned in tournaments. This could be a major image problem for Capcom, as tournaments such as EVO