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  • consumers," as Gage describes. "You'd buy something, and it'd be like, a beta.""In retrospect, you really got to look into the sketchbooks of the developers you were interested in," he enthuses. "Back then, you got to see a lot of experiments. Now, you have to FIFA Coins polish and polish on the App Store. The whole community has changed."For Gage, this creates a complex proposition, as he feels there are a lot of ideas kicking around his mind at various stages of completion -- yet


    the optimal polish time, he knows they have no shot on the Fut 17 Coins App Store. Intuitively, his design mind migrated toward a potential solution to precisely this type of problem: How do you compete among the App Store's higher standards, yet develop a game at the same light-speed at which a concept formulates in the designer's mind?"I was working on IGF games," explains Gage. "It was literally... the IGF deadline had happened, so I had a little bit of a break. Basically, I only had until


    week until I had to get back to the other work I had committed to."With less than two weeks to execute upon what was at the time only a fledgling idea, Gage pulled something of a coup with SpellTower, ultimately a sort of hybrid between Tetris and Boggle, the concept for which he had inadvertently stumbled upon after hearing a friend's report out of IndieCade -- turns out her description of a "Tetris-meets-Boggle" experience she had seen there was quite different than what Gage


    pictured in his mind. That imaginary game was the root of his idea, he tells us. The mmogo Halcyon designer, accustomed to working with music and abstract imagery, didn't necessarily have a particular yearning to try mainstream-oriented word puzzle games. But in his constant tinkering, he says he came to learn that working in genres that he disliked as a player would yield fascinating learning opportunities as a designer."I really hated word games, but I had this idea people seemed to be