making Skyrim the Fut 17 Coins

  •   Those interested in tinkering with the tools used to make Bethesda's just-released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will soon have the opportunity, as the company says it will make these available to the public next month.As noted on FIFA Coins Bethesda's blog, the game's official "Creation Kit" will become available for PC users in January 2012, alongside a Bethesda-organized Wiki intended to help modders become familiar with the new toolset.In addition, the Creation Kit will


    support for Valve Software's Steam Workshop, making Skyrim the Fut 17 Coins second game to support the service after Team Fortress 2. The Steam Workshop will help users mange their in-game mods within Steam itself -- modders will be able to upload their creations to the service, after which other users can browse, rate, and flag mods for download using any web-enabled device.When players boot up Skyrim on their PC, Steam Workshop will automatically install any flagged mods,


    the need to go to external websites. Of course, Bethesda says users can continue to use the existing sites if they prefer.In addition, Bethesda promised to release a small update to the game to fix issues introduced with this week's 1.2 patch, with further updates to Skyrim to come "after the holidays."Unity Technologies has said that its Unity engine will eventually support HTML5, but that it is waiting for "the moment HTML5 is right for games."Talking to news site Develop, Unity


    David Helgason explained that the engine, which currently supports development on mmogo iOS and Android, as well as PC, Mac, web browsers and the major home video game consoles, will support HTML5 in due course."For video and rich internet applications, I think HTML5 is awesome already," he said. "Where it really falls short is in gaming: there are some cool demos, but actually building a generic framework for high-performance WebGL games is being held back by JavaScript, which