You are about to become the MU Legend Zen

  • idea you can come up with that has not already been done. Unless the FIFA Coins underlying mechanics of your game are totally wacky and new, chances are damn near 100 percent that you can find a good example of what your want in another game.Do us all a favor and check it out. Note: If your company gives you crap for playing games at work, then you are probably working at the wrong kind of studio.It is in this phase that you, and I, usually end up with some wonderfully crafted excel file that lists


    the moves, frame windows, damage numbers, and all the other data in their perfectly organized and number-crunched beauty. This is great, and necessary, but get ready to leave it behind.Implementation is about feelYou are about to become the MU Legend Zen best friend and worst nightmare of both the animators and programmers; but, since we've already nailed our goals and done all the necessary research, we are way ahead of our contemporaries.You will discover a world of difference in how people react to


    when you approach them with a good head on your shoulders, and the first step is in understanding that implementation is all about Intent.This is where our hard work from before pays off, because I guarantee, as soon as things start getting implemented, your carefully laid plans will divert; however, since you understand the Intent of your boss, you are ready for one of the most critical parts of being a designer: handling the flux of development while maintaing your intent. I can't even begin to tell


    how important that is to your job, but I'm trying. It's super important!Things divert because it's hard to know how something is going to feel, and that, in the end, is what this phase is all about: things have to feel good. Which is why, by the way, most documentation is so inadequate, for it rarely discusses intent, and feel will always distort your original plans.Polish with the right questionsVocalizing your thoughts on the feel of a boss is difficult, so I like to ask myself the following questions at