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  • Of course, the level of hostility aimed at Sony was staggering. Players and the FIFA Coins media hit the company for its lack of transparency and seemingly unapologetic attitude toward the attack. Large scale game hacking was, after all, a brave new world ? and one that no one was really prepared for (something that seems absurd in retrospect). Was Valve's reaction to its hacking problem truly better than Sony's? Or were there other factors at play? The answer, I think, is both. It's hard to find


    who will defend Sony's handling of the hacking incident ? including inside the office of NBA 2K18 MT Coins that company. But Sony's missteps and stumbles helped other developers and publisher learn what to avoid. And no one learned better than Valve. When the Steam database was breached, Valve's Gabe Newell sent an IM to users alerting them to the incident, explaining the situation (and what the company was doing) and quickly apologized. That note came four days after hackers hit the company's forums ?


    first sign of trouble. Sony, meanwhile, waited six days before giving any real visibility into the severity of the situation ? though it did acknowledge the outage and let people know it was looking into things almost immediately. That's not a significantly longer time period, but the company was quickly put on the defensive. The first formal apology from a Sony official didn't come for another five days, when Kaz Hirai held a press conference in Japan. Like Valve, all of the bad news didn't hit


    once. It consecutively got worse. Just as users were absorbing the PSN and Qriocity music service hits, it was discovered that Sony Online Entertainment was also hit. And then the copycat attacks started coming, this time at Sony Pictures. It was a perfect storm of bad news brought on by hackers looking to latch on to the  media blitz. Valve, hopefully, has reached the end of its road as far as bad news goes. But the fact that it took three months to discover the extent of the breach and notify at