Might have come from MU Legend Zen

  • interactive music, which is a lot of fun to compose and the FIFA Coins results are very cool. If Eliss was an EP, Faraway is an LP.You created every aspect of Faraway entirely alone, right? Did you intend for that sentiment of solitude to reflect in the game itself?I did make everything. But I don't think the feeling of solitude you might get from the game comes from that. Doing everything by myself is a range of feelings oscillating between "sweet, I get to do all these different fun things" and "holy


    , now I have to do all this by myself". That feeling of solitude I see it more like a tightening of your chest, a place of emptiness. It's something that I crave for in games. You can feel it in Portal or in Shadow of the Colossus. It's like going on a hike by yourself, and you stumble on a view over distant landscapes. It's like listening to a song loud on your headphones. It's a moment where there's only you. I think we crave those moments every now and then, and once we've had enough we go hug


    , or go play a multiplayer game. I think that's where that solitude might have come from MU Legend Zen . It wasn't a completely conscious move though, the game naturally aligned to that state; the game is sort of set in outer space, which is a beautiful desolate place.The game has also naturally aligned itself with another very human idea that has some aspects of loneliness. The shooting star's nature is to die, yet it fights to stay alive and travel. That force is somewhere between the sort of romantic idea of a


    person that death is too far away to ever stop you from doing all the things that you have planned, and then as you grow you start seeing that idea becoming more and more unrealistic, but it's a force that's still always there deep in you. It's a powerful idea, I think everybody somehow relates to it; I received very positive and emotional reactions when I presented the idea with the video teaser a few months back.That said, I want players to first and foremost have fun. I hope it can convey to https://www.mmogo.com/