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  • bee an effects lead--you can move laterally and bee a tech artist. Learn some behaviors and bee an AI-oriented designer. Your QA team doesn't have a career path though. Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects of game development, and all we encourage our QA staff to do is move "up and out" of the QA slog, if we inspire them to move up at all. Many QA professionals talk about "getting out" and moving to the  RS Gold production or design path. Don't you want good


    folks to keep doing QA? Shouldn't they enjoy and want to start in  Cheap RuneScape Gold their jobs? Isn't there something wrong with this picture? Get BonusYour QA staff is your front line of defense against bad reviews. Obsidian creative director Chris Avellone recently mentioned that the pany didn't get a bonus for Fallout: New Vegas because the game missed its Metacritic target of 85 percent by one percentage point. They had to reduce staff as a result. Game reviewers play a lot like testers


    . They push against boundaries, and find those things you're pretty sure nobody will ever bother to do. They plete quests in the wrong order. They jump over a wall and trigger a cutscene that wasn't meant to happen for hours. In short, they break your game, then call it buggy. What does that do to your Metacritic score? Not all bugs can be prevented, but with creative testing and enough time (that's the kicker!) you can get most of the showstoppers. Everyone knows QA is


    , but let's really think about that. Is your QA team inspired to think creatively, and go that extra mile? Are they treated like important members of the team? Most QA is hired from a pool of fresh-faced kids who just want to get into the industry any way they can. They are passionate about games, but aren't sure how to break in, so they take the QA route. Maybe they've heard about game designers who started as testers. What they don't want to do is stay in http://www.rsgole.com/