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  • but it is crucial. Suppose some people are showing their games and being criticized and generally having a rough time due to all the stress that happens naturally when having one's creation dissected; and meanwhile, the FIFA 18 Coins people who are criticizing do not have any obligations, and they are just tossing in comments from the peanut gallery.This situation creates a weird imbalance. The comments and criticism will not be as thoughtful as they could be, yet they will be taken very


    by the people showing the games.If everyone is having their creations dissected, there's only one class of attendee instead of two. It is easier to empathize and avoid unnecessary harshness. People are going to Buy FIFA 18 Coins be more careful that their ideas and criticisms are thoughtful, because they are acutely aware of wanting careful input when it comes to their own game.The formatOur first proposal for the Depth Jam had us spending one entire day on each game, so that we could dive into each


    at maximum depth without context-switching. However, as the idea churned, we decided it would be beneficial to allow some iteration. Why not split the day into two time slots, so that each game gets half a day and we cycle through the four games twice?This would allow time to modify the games based on the discussion, which would give the discussion even more teeth: now we're not just talking about a particular problem in a particular game (with some kind of tendency to wax


    ), we're actually figuring out how the author will address the problem here at the retreat, with the results of that approach to be plainly visible in the next session.In our pre-jam planning meeting, we decided to go even further this way, breaking each day into four slots, cycling through all the games four times (so that each game had a two-hour slot each day). This seemed to work pretty well and it allowed a lot of iteration, but it might have been excessive.Daniel thinks there was to