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  • multimedia computer game programs; downloadable game software for FIFA Coins use in connection with computers, communication devices and mobile telephones; pre-recorded laser and video disc featuring an animated cartoon series. While not a total surprise, the news of this Transformers: Age of Extinction tie-in game will likely be met with mixed feelings. Activision's last Transformers tie-in game, Dark of the Moon, was a major step back when compared to its non tie-in predecessor, War


    Cybertron, despite both games being made by the same developer.On the trove how to get flux bright side, though, there are reasons to be excited for Age of Extinction, namely the appearance of the Dinobots. Yes, the Dinobots were featured quite prominently in High Moon Studios' Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, but that doesn't mean fans aren't eager to see them again.Still, it's hard not to be cautiously optimistic about any tie-in game, whether it's Transformers, Spider-Man, or even The Avengers.


    a game out in time to coincide with a film's release typically forces a developer to cut corners, or at least the end product suggests that is the case.As far as Age of Extinction goes, we don't have a solid confirmation the game is in development only that Hasbro has filed a video game trademark. However, if they do plan on releasing a Transformers: Age of Extinction tie-in then it will likely hit alongside the feature film next summer.Are you up for a Transformers: Age of Extinction tie-


    game? Would you like to see High Moon Studios take up development or a different company? Seibertron New 'Thief' Screenshots and Concept Art Emerge. For a series centered on stealth, Eidos-Montreal's Thief reboot sure is making a whole lot of noiseand not all of it welcome. Since debuting back in March of this year, the Garrett-starring sleuth-em-up has endured more than its fair share of controversy, oftentimes courting and confusing fans in equal measure.With an ungainly XP to