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  • “Dead Rising 3” story. So, it’s kind of cool, you get  FIFA Coins new weapons, a custom vehicle, a new story flow, new missions. It’s fun in that we got to let you take a different approach. In “Operation Broken Eagle” you’re going in with a big military point of view and deadly weapons, including this awesome chaingun that just rips apart the zombies. We really tried to focus on telling a single-player story with this experience and all of the cool things you get with the episode


    including the weapons and items and vehicles, can be  FUT Coins used in the “Dead Rising 3” main storyline and in co-op as well. The DLC add-ons, including Operation Broken Eagle, will be included as standalone episodes in the main menubut, as Bridge mentions, gamers will also be able to access weapons and customizations from the DLC in the main story (and in co-op).As for what to expect from the first DLC episode, players will take control of Adam Kane, a Spec


    Commander that’s been tasked with rescuing the President of the United States from zombie-infested Los Perdidos. Check out the trailer for Operation Broken Eagle below:Gamers who tired of the Dead Rising 3 campaign aren't likely to find anything especially new in the four DLC offeringswhich aim to provide more of the same outrageous zombie-killing fun.Whether the season pass or any of the isolated episodes are worth the price ($29.99 for the season


    or $9.99 for each episode) will entirely be dependent on how much a player enjoyed the core game experienceand how enthusiastic they are about a return to the same Los Perdidos sandbox (armed with a few new weapons and vehicles). Dead Rising 3 is available now exclusively for the Xbox One.Follow me on Twitter benkendrick. Xbox Wire 'Candy Crush' Makers Target 'The Banner Saga' Over Title. We thought that King, the makers of runaway success mobile to