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  • an official announcement from EA, this could be our first confirmation that Visceral Games is, in fact, working on a police-themed spin-off for Battlefield. It's worth mentioning that this is only just a rumor at this point, but the evidence continues to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds mount.After Danger Close Games failed to revitalize the Medal of Honor franchise, it seemed likely that they would cut their losses and focus on positioning Battlefield as an annual release. If this police-themed game is announced at E3


    then it's a safe bet to say that's what EA plans to Buy MUT 18 Coins do.Do you think that the Battlefield brand has been hurt by the launch problems of Battlefield 4? Will a move to an annual cycle impact the franchise's appeal, even if this year's game is police-themed? Gamespot Jack Tretton Stepping Down as Sony America CEO. In its lifetime, the PlayStation One sold just over 102 million units, while the PlayStation 2 sold 155 million, and its predecessor the PlayStation 3, still on sale, increased its


    to over 80 million units. The PlayStation 4 has also recently exceeded early sales expectations. Every single one of these consoles was brought to market with Jack Tretton, the current President and CEO of SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), as part of the company.Joining Sony’s ranks in 1995, Tretton’s work is described as having been “a pivotal role in launching all PlayStation platforms in North America”, helping to lay the foundations for the success of the


    consoles (along with the PSP and the PS Vita). Now, it has been announced by Sony that after 19 years, Tretton will be stepping down from his role.Tretton was also one of the founding members of the executive team behind PlayStation, with that early success setting the brand up for a long history in gaming and with the time being described as “the most rewarding experience of my career” by Tretton himself, it may seem unusual for him to be stepping down at a time when the