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     visually, the game isn't quite there yet. I really wanted to put something out there that, in Neverwinter Astral Diamonds a strong way, said, ‘id is working on something that we think is really cool.' And we wanted to show something to [id Software fans] that gives them the confidence that it is still a viable studio that’s doing really cool stuff, that is making a game you want to play, and is treating Doom with the care and respect that you want. And now we’re going to go away and go back to making the game, but to be able to counter other people talking


    about us and we’re sort of just sitting here staying silent, or Cheap FIFA 18 Coins operating from this negative space of like, ‘Oh, it got rebooted, oh it’s in trouble.’ All of that stuff just bothered the hell out of me. As far as when fans might expect to see an official DOOM unveilingnot a CGI trailerHines reveals that Bethesda will have stuff prepared for 2015. E3 2015 obviously sounds like the perfect place for a big showing from the shooter and if the QuakeCon crowd was any indication, whatever id shows off should bring the house down.


    But that's only the beginning; then comes the hard part: convincing non-fans that this new DOOM game is worth checking out. DOOM, and to a greater extent id Software, has had an uphill climb as of late, what with the tepid reception to Rage and the unclear messaging regarding DOOM 4, but they could turn things around if this title hits big.Did you hope that id Software would eventually release the DOOM footage from QuakeCon? What are three things you must see from this DOOM for it to be worth buying


     PC Gamer 'The Master Chief Collection' is a Must for 'Halo' Fans. Although we aren't getting to continue Master Chief's journey until Halo 5 releases in 2015, there is still plenty for Halo fans to look forward to later this year. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is not only 343 Industries ambitious follow-up to their work on Halo: Anniversary, but it's also one incredible deal.For those who don't know, The Collection includes all four mainline Halo games (i.e. those starring Master Chief) on