Enjoyable gameplay makes for Fut 18 Coins

  • franchise's console-loving fans to give the 3DS a shot.Of course, a Wii U version of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Super Smash Bros. is on the way for 2014's fourth quarter. But if you've been thinking about checking out the 3DS version and were just wondering how a handheld take on Super Smash Bros. would work, the review excerpts below will likely sway you toward picking up the game when it officially hits shelves next Friday. Game Rant (Riley Little) Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is a must-have for Nintendo 3DS owners. It’s an immeasurable


    nod to gaming’s past, and its vast array of playable characters and enjoyable gameplay makes for Fut 18 Coins a great gaming experience. The hardware may impede on the game every so often, but overall this iteration of Smash can stand proudly amongst its console predecessors. Score: 4/5 IGN (Jose Otero) Smash 3DS is impressive and, for the most part, feels right at home on 3DS. The multitude of ways to play and awesome customization gave me many reasons to keep fightingand I’ve been at it for more than 45 hours already


    . Score: 8.8/10 Joystiq (Earnest Cavalli) While there are definite areas where Nintendo could improve on Super Smash Bros. in an inevitable sequel, this is the most feature-complete, compelling Super Smash Bros. entry to date. It stands right alongside Fire Emblem: Awakening and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as a game that every 3DS owner should play. Score: 4.5/5 Gamespot (Daniel Starkey) The 3DS game lacks some widely panned mechanics from Brawl, particularly the random tripping that would


     cause characters to simply fall over face first as well as the general feeling of a low-gravity floatiness. In their stead are a bevy of subtle new additions aimed at both casual players and the core crowd. The result feels more honest and broadly appealing than any previous iteration. Score: 8/10 Polygon (Griffin McElroy) Super Smash Bros. 3DS hasn't been compressed as much as it has been tailored. And as unlikely as it may be, it fits like a glove. Score: 9/10 Gaming Trend (Griffin Dunn) The first handheld version of https://www.mmogo.com/