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  •  multiplayer map from the mainline series. The package looks like a must-have for any Halo fan, and if its playlist can make the most of the huge amount of content on offer, it'll surely be an amazing multiplayer experience.Extra content like to RS Gold  'Bloodline' might not lend Halo: The Master Chief Collection the freshness that a completely new title like Destiny can offer, but the idea of a well-populated, remastered version of Halo multiplayer with all the maps you could ever hope for will be a very exciting prospect for many Xbox gamers. And,


    since it's been stated that the game won't be released on Xbox 360 to osrs fire cape or PC, it wouldn't be surprising if it's a major factor in many fans of the series purchasing an Xbox One. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set for release on November 11 for Xbox One. Xbox Wire PS4 Update 2.0 Available Now: Share Play, New Streaming Features and More. Although it has led to quite a few connection problems for PS4 users, earlier today Sony launched the much-anticipated 2.0 update for their latest home console. The update adds several useful features to


    the PS4, including Share Play and YouTube uploads, along with a slightly different look to the dashboard.From a visual perspective, 2.0 offers PS4 owners a much cleaner dashboard. It's not a grand leap, mind you, but tiny details like a folder for storing unused applications and a simpler interface are enough to make this update feel unique.Of course, the biggest feature packaged with update 2.0 is Share Play, Sony's new screen-sharing feature. Share Play lets players share a game with a friend as if they


     were simply handing over the controller. That friend can take full control over the game or participate in multiplayer, all without actually owning or downloading the title.There is one caveat to the Share Play feature, though; it only lasts for 60 minutes at a time. Sony has yet to put a limit on how many times a player can share, so presumably you could share an entire game one 60-minute chunk at a time.Sony is also cutting out the middleman for YouTube uploads with update 2.0, allowing players to