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  • My mantra eventually became, “okay, you’re over-thinking this,” which NBA Live 18 Coins typically led to a sudden epiphany followed by an equally sudden cheer for my likely undeserved sense of brilliance. A puzzle game is only as good as its puzzles, which The Swapper manages to nail admirably. What really sets the Runescape game apart, though, is how it offers a total gaming package. Along with the visuals, which look lovely on the PlayStation .


    The Swapper boasts that intriguing story we discussed earlier, a world that’s fun to explore and serves as a sort of puzzle in and of itself, and a delightfully haunting soundtrack full of mournful tunes, appropriately jarring bits of silence and ambient sounds that only further your immersion into this lonely, lonely world. The Swapper isn’t a horror game, but it is best played with the lights off and the sound turned way up.


    While I can't speak to how well the Runescape game played on the PC, the PlayStation versions have made the transition admirably, with the dual analog sticks of each incarnation allowing for smooth, precise control. It doesn’t hurt that The Swapper will also be a cross-buy title, meaning you can buy it on either the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita and clone it on the other platforms at no additional cost.


    There's also a cross-play option, so you can (you guessed it) beam your consciousness between versions and pick up from where you left off.The Swapper is a captivating, challenging game, and one puzzle fans shouldn’t hesitate to pick up. A few of the challenges can get mind-numbingly tricky, but the beauty about this game having released on the PC a year ago is that, if you find yourself utterly stuck, you can easily locate a Runescape video or Buy NBA Live 18 Coins forum post that will nudge you in the correct direction.


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