Great Side Hustles for Students

  • Being a student is both wonderful and challenging. On one side, you are moving to the next phase of your life which involves new adventures, new learnings, and new experiences. And on the other hand, you have to work hard for your academic goals and manage your finance, which can be demanding. You want to have fun, experience new things, visit places and live life to the fullest. But no matter how careful you are about your budget, halfway through the semester, you realize that you are out of money. Also If you do not have much time to do your assignments because the seeking job is your priority, then you can ask for help this online writing company

    So what could you do to fix this problem? Getting a full-time job is not an option because you still want to prioritize your education. Sometimes even a part-time job can be difficult to handle with every day student life.

    There are several ways in which you can balance both your classes and earning money. You just have to use your creativity to find out what you are good at and take advantage of to find side opportunities hustle that can financially support you.

    Some Side Hustles to Support You Financially: (H2)

    1. Freelance writing

    You do not have to be a journalist or a professional writer to get paid to write. There are many online writing companies which pay you to write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, infographics, essays, eBooks and much more. Choose a field that you like or have the most experience with. It could be anything from, marketing, entertainment, health and lifestyle or finance. As a freelance writer, you have the freedom to choose what to write and when to write. This will let you have a flexible schedule and not be distracted from your studies.

    2. Use your skills and hobbies

    Do you love graphic design? Why not use it to make some book covers, business cards or a brochure? Do you have a beautiful voice? Consider voice over productions for video. You can go to websites such as Fiverr and list the services that you are good at and wait for people to contact you for their projects.

    3. Data entry

    There are many companies that are looking for individuals who can copy and paste information from one document to another when they move from one system to another, change or upgrade software. Although it's not the most exciting thing to do you will get paid well for your time and effort. You can easily fit this type of work between classes and other activities.

    4. Move furniture and boxes

    If you have no problem lifting and carrying things, you can sign in to sites such as Movers Corp and move furniture, boxes or heavy stuff for businesses and families that need an extra hand. You can set your rates, how far you can travel and days of availability. You will be given supplies and a truck. All you need is the muscle to do the heavy lifting.

    5. Test websites and take surveys

    If you love surfing the Internet, why not get paid while you’re at it? You can get paid for taking surveys or for testing websites and give feedback on their interfaces, their functionality or other facets of web development.

    6. Sell last semester’s books

    You can save some space and make some money by selling your textbooks from the last semester. You can either try your college bookstore or various websites which ask you to scan the books' barcodes and then send them in to get credit or cash. Check out websites such as Powell's, Amazon, and

    7. Direct sales

    If you love social media, especially Facebook, you can get into the direct sales business. If you like home products, supplements, beauty goods and clothes, there are probably several direct sales companies for you. These days everything happens online, and the potential for earnings is enormous, depending on the commissions.

    8. Become a tutor

    Being a student means that you have knowledge in at least one field. So why not become a part-time tutor and make some money? More and more students look for online tutors to help them with their homework. It is not difficult work, and this experience might make you see that you are good as a teacher and even become one in the near future.

    9. Start a blog

    You can create a blog and use it as your portfolio for your freelance career, or you can use it in affiliate marketing to earn a passive income. On your YouTube or blog, you can place an affiliate link which leads to a product you recommend visitors. When they click that particular link, they will be redirected to the merchant's website to purchase the product, and if they do so, you will get a percentage of the price. Affiliate links can be a continuous income source as long as people visit your site and click on the links. You can even earn money from blogs and articles that you wrote three or four years ago.

    10. Start a YouTube channel

    If you do not really like writing, you can also earn money from videos. Similar to blogs, you can also add affiliate links for various services and products in a video on YouTube.

    11. Give campus tours

    Many colleges offer campus tours for people who want to visit the historical buildings or sites on the campus grounds. These are usually 1-hour tours that are offered several times a day. If you like meeting new people and you love representing your college, being a tour guide is an enjoyable way to earn a few extra dollars.

    12. Work at the cafeteria

    Although it's more time consuming compared to the ways mentioned above to make money, you could still consider working in the college cafeteria or at the restaurants from the student center food court. They usually have flexible hours so that students can work breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on their schedules.

    Being a student does not mean you have to be poor. You can mix study and work so that you can handle them both successfully. Think about what you are good at, and what you want to do, and find a way to make some money out of it. We hope that the above options will give you some ideas to get a head start.