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  •  face-to-face with finest Fifa Coins Store qualified players from Europe and abroad. It was a superb school for him, naturally.Right after watching his athletic performance in the classic junior contests on Spaniard soil, Frank Rijkaard, Barca's key coach in the time,

    place his eyes on Messi --perhaps his most popular pupil--and did not doubt that he will be the following greatest footballer around the Planet ---Perhaps a Maradona. Nonetheless,the high-flying coach was not the initial to be excited by .

    the potential of Messi. However, Rijkaard backed up a variety of young players, including Carles Puyol and Vctor Valds.In the age of 17, Messi had a possibility to show his athletic prospective. Thankfully,he didn't disappoint to Barca's sports .